Straight Up My Ass
Rebecca Dreams - True Romance 5

For me, every moment away from Rebecca Dreams ( is a moment away from heaven.

She continually proves to be an incredibly gracious lover. Each time I spend time with her, she manages to take my breath away. And during this video she does it again.

After night on the town, we returned to my suite, where her husband was waiting for us. While he watched, she skillfully undresses me...kisses me and caresses my face, neck and chest.

Methodically she unzips my trousers, and slowly worships my cock with her warm mouth and tongue. Once she had me nice and hard, she rode my cock until she showered it and me with her juices.

While she tried to recover, I rolled her lifeless body over and slid my cock right into her ass. Pushing slowly, I managed to bury myself completely inside of her backdoor.

With each stroke, I quickened my pace...until I was taking her with ease.


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